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The life of an Ethical Hacker [Q&A] | How to become a Hacker

We hear about hacking on the news all the time—from Anonymous to fake news to denial of service attacks to data breaches, it seems like the bad guys are always wreaking havoc. And it’s true; the bad guys are doing all kinds of damage, from the annoying (spam) to the destructive (cyber attacks that steal personal data—or worse).
But did you know there are good guys with the same skills? These are ethical hackers. But what is ethical hacking?
And How to become an  Ethical Hacker !!

As i also got many messages in my inbox everyday about hacking and that same question again and again .Thats why i created this collection of questions and answers that will save my time too answering all new upcoming teens .

So in this post we are going to learn about Ethical Hacking and give answer to some general question regarding it.

 What is Ethical Hacking ?

According to the EC-Council, the ethical hacking definition is “an individual who is usually employed with an organization and who can be trusted to undertake an attempt to penetrate networks and/or computer systems using the same methods and techniques as a malicious hacker.”
The role of an ethical hacker is important since the bad guys will always be there, trying to find cracks, backdoors, and other secret ways to access data they shouldn’t. In fact, there’s even a professional certification for ethical hackers: the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).

How would you define an ethical hacker?

someone that will not cause any harm based on their hacking activities, and is taking the actions with the approval of all proper parties. They might technically be a penetration tester, someone chasing bug bounties, an auditor, or some other title. But it all falls under the moniker of 'ethical hacking.' Permission is the key. If you haven't obtained permission before taking action it’s not really ethical hacking. 

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start a career as an ethical hacker?

 Get hands-on experience. Just getting a degree isn't enough. In order to prove you can offer something to an organization, you need to demonstrate that you can do the actual work. Get involved in an open source project and start to build a portfolio. You have to show that you know more than just the theory in order to be taken seriously.

What are the downsides of working as an ethical hacker?

 First and foremost, an ethical hacker's work is frustrating by nature. Most people don't understand what ethical hackers do -- and sometimes doing your job right means ruining someone else’s day. That’s never fun.
A significant industry problem is the adversarial attitude that many have towards a lot of assessment work. The goal is to provide value to the organization that is getting the assessment. But for the practitioners it can often devolve into the hackers wanting to 'win' by breaking in, and the defender wanting to 'win' by keeping them out. Too often we see employees defending their egos rather than focusing on adding value for an organization.

Learned what is ethical hacking its upside and down side .Now ur fav. question 

How to become a Hacker?

Hacking is passion that requires a lot of effort . If you want to become a hacker, you have to be ready to dive in a lot of strings of data and codes. You also require a perfect machine, aka laptop and VPN.
Learning from home is a good idea to learn when you have not enough time to take a course from an institute. As the another courses, there is some possibilities to learn about hacking from home. It is generally available in three type:
  1. Independent Learning - Independent learning requires a little bit effort to collect some books, notes and various thing. After you collect reading material, you can start study and practical which would be so called hacking. You have to search for books and related websites for buy some good things.
  2. Online Courses - Some websites offers online courses for such things. Some courses are totally free of cost and some may be precious; depends on the course and institute or website. You can sign up for one or more of your choice.In the next post on this blog I will try to create a post regarding free online courses to learn Hacking free/paid. Mean while the best ethical hacking course currently is CEHv10 by offensive security  which is yes highest paid course too. but it worth learning if you have interst and passion.
  3. Distance Learning - Distance learning is a good way to complete a program. Because you can earn a valid degree / diploma / certificate with your course. It is little expensive but much better than other. Some universities offers these type of courses . You can also find in your locality which is suitable to you.
Computer basics - Having a good understanding of a computer, its components, and how it works is essential for anyone, not just hackers.
  • Know all the basics of a computer.
  • How does a computer work?
Books - Make it a goal to read computer books that cover your interests. Visiting popular online bookstores, such as Amazon, and browse through the top 100 books on your subject is a great place to start. Audible has an enormous selection of e-books, if you prefer that method of reading.
  • What computer books would you recommend reading?
  • See our e-book definition for a list of dozens of places to find electronics books online.
Know the jargon - The computer industry has thousands of acronyms and terms, visit the computer dictionary to find the ones you are most likely to run across.
  • Computer security related definitions.
Online news - Visit the Computer News pages at least a few times weekly to keep up with all the latest computer news. Visit our computer news links for a list of great news sites.
Participate in forums - The Internet is full of online forums, where thousands of other users participate with each other in answering questions or talking about what they love to do. Participating in these forums will not only allow you to test your understanding of the subject, but also learn from others. A great example of an online forum would be the Computer help forums.
Build a computer - If you want to learn more about the hardware aspect of a computer, there is nothing more educational than putting one together. Not only will this help broaden your knowledge of computer hardware, but can help with diagnosing hardware problems, and teach you more about how computers work. There are plenty of websites with instructions on how to build a custom machine.

For now thats all be in touch for the next post in which i will share best hacking courses and tutorials for begineers to get start of.


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