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How to Use google to hack (GoogleDorks) || Search Like a Pro

The concept of "Google Hacking" dates back to 2002, when Johnny Long began to collect interesting Google search queries that uncovered vulnerable systems and/or sensitive information disclosures - labeling them "Google Dorks". some people call it google hacking.

In my opinion A Google dork is an employee who unknowingly exposes sensitive corporate information on the Internet.
As a passive attack method, Google dorking can return usernames and passwords, email lists, sensitive documents, personally identifiable financial information (PIFI) and website vulnerabilities.

That information can be used for any number of illegal activities, including cyberterrorism, industrial espionage,identity theft and cyberstalking.

Earlier this year, a cyberattack by suspected Iranian hackers made headlines when they used a simple technique called Google Dorking to access the computer system that controlled a water dam in New York. Google Dorking is readily available and has been used by hackers for many years to identify vulnerabilities and sensitive information accessible on the Internet.

Google Dorking, however, isn’t as simple as performing a traditional online search. It uses advanced operators in the Google search engine to locate specific information (e.g., version, file name) within search results. The basic syntax for using an advanced operator in Google is Operator_name: keyword.

The use of advanced operators in Google is referred to as “Dorking” and the strings themselves are called “Google Dorks.” Dorks can be as basic as just one string, or they can be a more complex combination of multiple advanced operators in a single search string. Each Dork has a special meaning to the Google search engine that enables hackers and others to filter out unwanted results and significantly narrow down search results. For example, Google Dorks can be used to find administrator login pages, user names and passwords, vulnerabilities, sensitive documents, open ports, email lists, bank account details, and more.


 Google dorks also has its operators, I will not be able to show all operators but here are the most commonly used Operators.

Lets take a look at the special google search operators that are used to construct those high powered google hack search terms.


 Specifying intitle, will tell google to show only those pages that have the term in their html title. For example intitle:"login page" will show those pages which have the term "login page" in the title text.


Similar to intitle, but looks for all the specified terms in the title.


Searches for the specified term in the url. For example inurl:"login.php".


Same as inurl, but searches for all terms in the url.

Searches for specific file types. filetype:pdf  will looks for pdf files in websites. Similarly filetype:txt looks for files with extension .txt

Similar to filetype. ext:pdf finds pdf extension files.


Searches the content of the page. Somewhat like a plain google search. For example intext:"index of /".

Similar to intext, but searches for all terms to be present in the text.

Limits the search to a specific site only.

Dorks : They are like search criteria in which a search engine returns results related to your dork.
The process can be a little time consuming, but the outcome will be worth it after learning on how to use dorks.

Basic Formula of dork,

"inurl:."domain"/"dorks" "
So you would normally understand it like this:
"inurl" = input URL
"domain" = your desired domain ex. .gov
"dorks" = your dork of your choice

Here is another example of that
You can use following words instead of inurl :
All these also help yo find other things then vulnerables.

Anyway now I am going to explain you how to use some for finding vulnerability in websites.

You can use the intitle to find anything in the title of the website. Which also could be usefull to find downloads or anything else.
intitle: index of mp3
This is an example to download mp3 songs for free.

The inurl basicly looks for anything after the : in the site urls.
you can find literally everything using intext, you could even use the inurl dorks whit this.
intext:"Design & Developed By Seawind Solution Pvt.Ltd."
Google will give you all the websites created by IT Masons taht recently has bypass Admin Page Vulnerability in some websites,
to try just choose a target from google and add this to the url /adminpanel/
And fill username and password like the information below :
Username : '=' 'OR'
Password : '=' 'OR'
and you will get the admin panel of the website some example:

Google will define this massage and will look for what had this error for example,
define:"sql syntax error"

Obvious, when we will use it, google will looks for a site .
Google will look for any site related with cyberhackersz.

It will look for the phone number related to me, so use your victims name or yours instead.
phonebook:Mr Ayush Saini

Google will look on google maps for your search.

Google has an online library store. If you want to find interesting books use this dork.
book:java language
This will look for any book google has indexed whith java language in it.

Used for froogle search instead of google.

google looks for anything you inputted but only information about string which you have puted next to info: .
Above dork will show you alot off things about firefox like what is firefox etc.

You can find information about movies on google using this dork.
movie:watch Transformers online

You can find information about weather on google using this dork.
weather: 01/08/2015 london

This will look for anything related to what you have entered next to related: .
Google responds whith sites about hacking stuffs.

This one will works better instead of only looking in search url, it will also look in the site for urls that possibly are vulnerable.
This is very usefull I would say even more then inurl.

Vulnerability Approach :
Once you search website using above dorks, now its time to check whether the website is vulnerable to SQL injection or not, we simply put in a quote " ' " at the end of the url address.
So our site will look like this,;
i will explain how to proceed advanced sqli in the next tutorial

As far as i researched Google Dorks can help us getting the data of many websites.
These are some Google Dorks which can affect our online business: intitle:"Thank You For Your Order" intext:Click Here to Download intitle:"Thank You For Your Purchase" intext:Click Here to Download
intitle:Thank you for your Purchase! intext:PLR OR MRR OR Package OR Bonus
inurl:/thankyou.html intitle:Thank you for your order! intext:Click Here to Download

Google dorks are very important, so I advise before you start your exploits against a particular victim the best way is to use google and see what you can find about the victim, and believe me, byt using google, a lot of times I did not even turn on Linux kali, by simple search on google, I found the password of my victim.

As far as i researched the best website for fresh google dorks is the exploit db website

here you will find fresh google dorks and you can also submits yours.

another cool website is

you can also mention some websites here

to say that the best way to learn is by teaching, so I'm here to share what I know, and as always

I hope you will make correction where I'm wrong, because it is from mistakes that we learn ..


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